Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I gave all my information, now what?

A.  Once your information is collected, it is added to our medical database. When a study related to your specialty becomes available, you will receive an invitation via e-mail or fax.  Invitations include study requirements, honoraria amounts and length of study.

Q. Can I do more than one study?

A. We offer several studies in many different specialty areas. On average our doctors participate in roughly 6 studies per year. Each study has varied screening criteria, so you might not qualify for all studies.

Q. How do I know if I am qualified for a study?

A.  Most of our studies have screening questions that will determine if you are a good fit. Screening usually only takes 2-3 minutes and questions relate directly to the survey.

Q. I have completed a survey, when do I get paid and how?

A.  Payments are processed 4-6 weeks upon completion. Checks are issued from bioStrategies directly. You always have the option of donating your honoraria to a charitable organization of your choice.