In-depth analysis leads to a company re-focus and greater market potential


The company’s co-founders, who also serve as scientific directors, are the co-inventors of a series of compounds known to have an effects on both infectious disease and a specific GI disorder. Through a combination of laboratory and scientific literature research, our client found that the series of compounds was also likely to be effective and safe in indications in at least four other therapeutic areas.

As all of the supporting data for these compounds was still pre-clinical, there was no clear scientific rationale for prioritizing development between the different indications. Facing limited development resources, our client asked bioStrategies to investigate 22 of the proposed indications and recommend a prioritization scheme.


bioStrategies developed a series of product concepts based on our client’s development goals and the likely constraints surrounding the compounds. The product concepts were then used in a series of in-depth, analytical interviews with treating physicians and thought leaders in specialties covering the 22 indications.


Results of these interviews were analyzed using RES charts (relative efficacy and relative safety) to develop an overall market opportunity for each indication, as well as the specific product potential for our client’s compounds. Further, integrative analysis using a synthesis framework developed specifically for our client revealed the optimum prioritization of the different potential development programs.


Our client was able to prioritize its development program, placing a much greater emphasis on the optimum indication uncovered by bioStrategies’ analysis. Subsequently, our client entered into a marketing agreement with a major pharmaceutical company for the further development and marketing of one of the compounds being developed for the optimum indication.