Innovative, ‘linked’ market segmentation helps optimize commercial strategy


The marketing team of an estimated $700MM+ immunology brand wanted to better understand the dynamic that existed between physicians and patients for their leading indication. To help understand this dynamic as well as inform their sales, DTC and publication strategies, they commissioned bioStrategies to conduct a linked U.S. attitudinal physician-patient market segmentation using a quantitative sample of more than 2,500 respondents


bioStrategies’ ‘linked’ market segmentation approach was a multi-step process including qualitative interviews, KOL review sessions, quantitative surveys and multivariate analytic techniques. Research activities specific to this project included:

* Conducting 50+ qualitative in-depth interviews with physicians and patients to identify, characterize and bound the key attitudinal and emotional factors that would best segment the markets
* Obtaining KOL feedback from an advisory panel to optimize the quantitative instruments
* Conducting two concurrent quantitative surveys with physicians and patients using samples of 400+ and 2,100+ respectively
* Linking the samples to analyze how each segmentation solution influences the other
* Employing factor, latent class cluster and discriminant analyses to develop the optimal segments and the resulting scoring models


In less than six months, we conducted the qualitative and quantitative research along with developing a three- and a four-segment solution for physicians and patients respectively. Our linked segmentation analysis uncovered areas where physicians and patients were ‘disconnected’ relative to treatment philosophies, patient empathy, reimbursement issues and the physician-patient relationship. Finally, our scoring models accurately predicted segment membership for prospective physicians and patients more than 80% of the time.


The client integrated our attitudinal segmentation solution and scoring models into their launch plan resulting in better-informed marketing, sales, DTC and publication strategies.