Agile, experienced team delivers an in-depth and unique valuation on tight timeline


The Business Development department in a leading global pharmaceutical company sought a commercial evaluation of a development-stage in-license candidate. The company had just 12 business days to submit a non-binding term sheet.


On a very tight deadline, bioStrategies’ team of experts mobilized to conduct an exhaustive analysis of the product’s market potential. Because the product was already approved in Canada, bioStrategies conducted primary research with Canadian clinicians. We also interviewed U.S. MHC Directors of Pharmacy to understand likely reimbursement and coverage policies. Additionally, we presented qualitative research product concepts to U.S. clinicians, and with the same clinicians conducted a web survey to collect small-sample numeric data on their utilization intent and behavioral practices.

We fit this qualitative and numeric research with epidemiology data and prescription data. Further, we assessed the pipeline, reviewed treatment protocols, competitor products, disease background and trends in the category.

Finally, we developed a forecast that incorporated each of these factors. This was the basis for understanding the value of the deal, which was subsequently integrated with measures of cost, time and risk in a financial analysis to understand the full measure of the product.


Several factors distinguished this commercial assessment:

* The timeframe was short, so many activities needed to be conducted concurrently and integrated efficiently.
* Careful market research was conducted so that each assumption was supported with defensible, valid data.
* Quantitative data creating perceptual maps was developed. Even in the context of this small-sample data, the insight derived from the perceptual maps was both consistent with qualitative findings and expanded our understanding of key product-attribute relationships.


While the client was armed with the data necessary to make an informed and sound valuation of the product, a deal was announced with another company on the day the term sheet was due.